Distance Learning Plan | COVID-19

Beginning April 6th, YPS will begin our distance learning plan in addition to the At Home Resource Guide already published. This consists of paper packets or resources online to maximize opportunities for our students.

A limited quantity of packets will be available for pick-up at our meal pick-up sites(Central, Myers, Independence, Lakeview, Ranchwood, Shedeck, Surrey Hills) the beginning of each week. Please only pick-up a packet if you have already requested one from your teacher or school administrator and do not have access to our online resources or the downloadable/printable offline packets from our website. Please note that Skyview ES students should pickup their packets from Lakeview ES and Parkland ES students should pickup their packets from Myers ES since these are not designated meal pick-up sites.  Middle School packets can be picked up from any meal pick-up site.

The online learning resources will begin re-engaging students in learning opportunities. Resources are meant to strengthen and maintain knowledge learned from August through March 13th. No new material will be introduced. Your student may have been using these online resources in class, so they would be familiar with the programs already. If you access information online, you do not need a printed packet. 

Teachers will continue to engage high school students because of the specialized conversations about graduation requirements, unique courses and the desire by students to impact grades for future scholarship recognition. High school parents or students may contact their high school administrator or teachers with questions.
Special Education Instruction and Student Support
For students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) who need additional support, you will be contacted by your respective teachers and/or Special Education staff. To access distance learning resources for special education students click here.

We’re all in this together
Parents, please don’t worry about whether you have all of the information necessary to help your children learn at home. We will provide guidance and resources to help you engage your child.
Grading Information 
The following links explain how final grades will be determined and what process and timeline is available for students and parents wishing to improve current grade(s).

Counseling Resources

COVID-19 & District Remote Operations

New lessons for the week will be posted on Sunday evening.