Bond Projects 2017

Yukon Public Schools called for a bond referendum on September 12th, 2017 in the amount of 44.6 million dollars which was passed by over 60% of voters.

Because of the excellent education provided by Yukon Public Schools, our enrollment has increased by nearly 2,000 students in the last ten years. This bond includes the building of a new intermediate school, which will alleviate some of the large class sizes at the elementary level and solve a variety of transportation issues we are experiencing at the middle and intermediate schools. In addition to a new facility, the revenue from this bond will provide a complete refresh across the district facilities.

In refreshing our schools, our focus as a district is always to first provide the best possible learning experience and safety for our students. School bond funds allow us to go above and beyond what we can provide if we relied solely upon state funding. As a district, we will responsibly use these funds to improve our facilities across the board, build a new school to alleviate crowded classrooms, provide safe and efficient transportation, educational software, classroom and individual technology, resources for the fine arts programs, security entrances and much more. All designed to provide a world class education for our students.