Branding and Logos

Yukon Public Schools Branding and Style Guide: 

The Yukon Public Schools Style Guide is designed to accurately depict the district’s logo and branding information to help those who are using it to represent the organization. The style guide goes over district-approved logos, color schemes, and any other branding designed to represent Yukon Public Schools. All Yukon Public School logos can be found on this page as well as on the link below, which contains vector files and png files of the logos. 

Yukon Public Schools Logos 


Yukon District Logo:

The Yukon Public Schools “District Y” was born around 2010. It was formed from a previous design, where the millers was slanted going across the Y. The “millers” across the varsity “Y” is in brush script font. The Y itself is in Varsity Regular Font. This logo can be used on any platform to represent YPS. The structure of the logo is not allowed to be altered. The color may be subject to change with permission from a supervisor or a member of the Yukon Public Schools leadership team.


Miller Man Logo:  

The Miller Man logo first started in Yukon in 1965, when the YHS yearbook staff developed it. This image has been a staple of not only YPS but Yukon as a whole. The Historic Miller Man shows the history of our district and symbolizes the town’s history.


YM Interlock Logo: 

One common theme in the history of Yukon Public Schools logos has been the YM Interlock. It first took form in the 1980s in wrestling and both basketball teams. It then took a new form in baseball, starting in 1996. This is the most current up-to-date form highlighting the joining of Yukon and Millers.


The Y of Yukon Logo: 

Yukon Public Schools has had several “Y’s” throughout its school system. The most common “Y” has been the Varsity “Y”, which can be found back in the 1970s. The “Y” is a Varsity Regular Font.


District Logo with Lettering: 

The Yukon Public Schools District Lettering is the official district logo with Yukon Public Schools spelled out besides it in Montserrat Semibold font.

Yukon Public Schools Red: 


HEX- #C82229

RGB- 200 34 41

CMYK- 15 99 96 5

Pantone Solid Coated- 1797 C

Pantone Solid Matte- 1795 C

Black: 000000



The purpose of Yukon Public Schools having a style guide is to create a consistent image that builds a brand identity for the district. This is done by having a structure in place that will provide all users of Yukon Public Schools logos with the best tools to ensure consistency of its branding image. By doing this, it creates a distinct and affective brand that sets Yukon Public Schools apart from others.


Yukon Public Schools has trademarked the logos to ensure that their safety is in the hands of the district. The district encourages all community members to use any YPS brandings as long as it reflects school-appropriate ideals and expectations. Yukon Public Schools felt the need to create a style guide to help anyone using YPS branding have all the tools and information needed to represent its brand. 


The logos at Yukon Public School are designed to remain intact to maintain brand identity. There are cases where a logo’s color can be changed, but the design of each logo must not be altered. For example, if a school or program is purchasing t-shirts, they are allowed to have the Yukon logo they choose to be outlined in the color that is already used for the shirt, so if the shirt is yellow with designs in green, the outline of the logo will have permission to be that color.  


The goal of Yukon Public Schools’ marketing is to share all the things that make its schools the top in the state while highlighting its community support, which is second to none. With that being said, YPS would like to further add to that support by having one of the four approved logos in the style guide displayed on all YPS merchandise that is designed to represent the school. For example, YPS schools or programs buying merchandise must have one of the four approved logos from the style guide on it. There are exemptions for certain items or colors. If you believe your design falls in that category, please contact [email protected] or your supervisor for written approval.


Yukon Public Schools’ top priority when making this style guide was to guarantee its community had free and unlimited access to its logos. YPS fully supports and allows any community business or organization to use its logos as long it reflects school-appropriate ideals and expectations. The goal for the style guide is to have all YPS logos in perfect harmony with one another and no inconsistencies throughout any logo used, representing the schools. The logos can be found on the YPS website or to request any files of the school logo please contact [email protected].