About YPS

Yukon Public Schools (YPS) first opened its doors in 1891 in a small, one-room frame building. Fast-forward 127 years later, YPS now serves over 9,200 students across the greater Yukon area covering 68 square miles of Canadian County, including Yukon, NW Oklahoma City, SW Oklahoma City and Banner (when students enter the 9th grade). Over 1,200 full-time and part-time staff and faculty members serve the students and community of Yukon Public Schools across several academic, alternative, and athletic facilities, including 7 elementary schools, 3 intermediate schools, 1 middle school campus, and 1 high school campus. Yukon High School is currently the 7th largest high school in Oklahoma. YPS also serves students through our Virtual Elementary, Intermediate,  Middle and High Schools, Bridges Academy, YALE, and MOVE programs. YPS is fully accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Our students and schools have received numerous awards and have been recognized at county, state, and national levels for a variety of accomplishments.

Yukon Public Schools has a strong reputation and proven track-record of working hand-in-hand with our community, students, and employees. This synergy is what makes YPS successful and has allowed us to be ranked as one of the Top Workplaces in Oklahoma for the last two years.

Yukon Public Schools believes that education is a cooperative effort of family, school, and community, and that all children deserve the opportunity for success in school. YPS consistently seeks community input and support through town hall forums, online feedback, and open door policies to create an open environment which encourages excellence and achievement.

With the support of our community, Yukon Public Schools passed a 43 million dollar bond initiative that includes the construction of a new intermediate school that will house 4th-6th grade students known as Redstone Intermediate. In addition, technology and school improvements are included in this bond that align with our community developed strategic plan and includes our call to action: “YPS will empower learners to be self-sustaining, successful contributors, to life and the global community.” 

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