Routes & Schedules

Yukon Public Schools is pleased to provide our parents access to Infofinder i, part of our Transfinder Transportation Information System. After entering an address, Infofinder i displays all the schools and bus stops, route/bus numbers on a detailed map. The map clearly identifies the household, schools and bus stop locations for parents and guardians to view online.

Parent Access

With Infofinder i's notification system, parents can access important information related to schedule, stop or vehicle changes.

Parents can:

  • Find their child's designated bus stop;
  • Locate which school their child would attend if they are
    planning to move;
  • Find the estimated pick-up and drop-off times for their
    child's bus route.

To get started or lookup bus stop and school information, please click on the Infofinder i image below to access our system:

info finder