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There are multiple opportunities to volunteer in Yukon Public Schools. It does not matter if you volunteer a total of 30 minutes or all year long...your participation is valued, and it is a great way to connect with your child, other students, teachers, and staff!

Helping Hand: A Helping Hand is a volunteer that works with our teachers, and at special school events. Helping Hand volunteers make copies, help with classroom projects, listen to kids read, assist with centers, help the librarian with book check in/out and with shelving books, among other things.

Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students): This program has two primary goals. The first is to provide positive male role models for students, which demonstrates by their presence, that education is important. The second is to provide an extra set of eyes to enhance school security and reduce bullying. We encourage all dads, grandpas, and any male role model to volunteer some time to this program. Watch Dog Dads can help with drop off and pick up, patrolling hallways, helping with specials, visiting classrooms, playing with kids at recess, and helping out during lunch.

Mentor: A mentor is a positive role model who offers encouragement, support, and guidance to their mentee. Mentors commit to meeting with their mentee for 30 minutes once a week, during school hours, for the entire school year. Mentors spend their time listening and talking with their mentee and playing games. Mentor training is provided.

Vision & Hearing: At the beginning of the school year (typically September through mid-October) we have volunteers that screen students' vision and hearing. All screeners will need to attend an easy 1-hour training class to teach you how to check students' hearing and help with vision screening. Vision screeners must be state certified and will also need to attend a 4-hour certification training once every 3 years. The schedule is flexible. You may choose your days/hours you would like to help. It is possible to help with screening AND sign up to be a Helping Hand. In addition to the screeners, we need runners and spotters to help get students from classrooms, and to direct students to the next available screener.

Volunteer Application Submission and Process

Step 1: Fill out a Volunteer Application by clicking on the link below.

Yukon Public Schools Volunteer Application 2021-2022

Step 2:  After you submit your application it gets emailed directly to the Volunteer Services Department. Once we ensure that you have an approved background check on file we will forward your information to the assigned coordinator to contact you.

Step 3: If you are new to volunteering or if you have not filled out a background check for the Yukon Public School District in the last 3 years, you will need to submit a new one. Background checks are processed by the Volunteer Services Department and are completely confidential, free and valid for 3 years. To submit a background check click on the link below. 

YPS Criminal Background Check

We look forward to working with you and appreciate the fact that you have chosen to spend some of your time volunteering in our schools! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call Dianna Mann, District Volunteer Coordinator, at 354-3716.