Board Policies

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Yukon Public Schools Board Policies can be found below. YPS Board Policies are categorized into 5 policy areas lettered A through G. To find a specific policy use the search bar below or click on the listed policy area to expand the listing.


This policy listing codifies the official policies of the YPS Board of Education and includes the administrative regulations associated with selected policies. School Board policies state positions adopted by the Board in order to provide direction, control and/or management of its legal functions.

The goals of all policy are to present clear, concise, and distinct directives to the Board's staff and to serve as a primary communication tool with the general public with specific attention to students, parents and/or guardians. Regulations include procedures and rules developed by the administration to guide and direct the implementation of Board policy.

Adoption of new policies or revision of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board. Proposals for new policies or revisions to current policies may be submitted in writing to the Superintendent for referral to the Board.