OSCO Chess Tournament - Yukon

OSCO Chess Tournament - Yukon
Posted on 03/26/2019
Chess Tournament

Yukon Public Schools will be hosting the OSCO Chess Tournament Yukon K-12 Open at Independence Elementary School on March 30th, 2019.


  Invitational Tiebreaker
  If needed to determine Oklahoma's National Invitational Representatives

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Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization
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OSCO is all about helping Oklahoma's youth through chess!

  • Promote the formation of new scholastic chess clubs
  • Improve communication between existing scholastic chess clubs, organizers and coaches
  • Support more chess training and other chess events outside chess club meetings
  • Facilitate more chess tournament opportunities for grades K-12
  • Provide a high quality annual Oklahoma State Scholastic Chess Championship Tournaments
  • Scholarships to national invitational chess tournaments to representation Oklahoma
  • Encourage more chess scholarships at Universities and Colleges in Oklahoma
  • Develop the future generations of adult chess players for a lifetime of chess enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.
  • and more... PLEASE contact OSCO with your ideas about how to better promote and improve Oklahoma Scholastic Chess for the benefit of our youth.