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Volunteer Services
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The Volunteer Services department is responsible for the recruitment, organization and development of volunteers throughout the Yukon Public School District. We encourage all parents and family members of our students, along with members of our community, to volunteer some time in our schools. There are many ways to volunteer. You can be a Helping Hand, a Miller Mentor, and a Vision and Hearing Screener.

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Mission Statement & Purpose

The Volunteer Services Department is dedicated to the belief that all children in our community should reach their maximum educational potential. We understand children respond and benefit from individual and small group instruction, evaluation and guidance.

  • We acknowledge some of each teacher's day is spent performing non-teaching duties. We also realize the need to free the teacher from these duties in order to allow planning and working toward a student's individual learning.

  • We realize by providing Helping Hand Volunteers to the school, it will be possible for teachers to use more variety in structuring classroom activities, which may result in meaningful learning experiences not possible otherwise.
  • We acknowledge that by extending a "Helping Hand" to a teacher, many frustrations are resolved. Many otherwise impossible situations become feasible with extra interest and help.

  • We realize that when citizens become involved in the actual educational process of a school day, either as a Helping Hand Volunteer, Miller Mentor, or a field trip chaperone, it builds better understanding of our schools and programs. It stimulates widespread support for public education.