Residency Affidavits

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Definition of Residency & Residency Affidavit Requirement
Residency is defined as living in a home exclusively within the boundaries of the Yukon Public Schools District. Parent/legal guardian/students who cannot provide the necessary information to verify their address because they are residing with a Yukon Public School resident on a temporary or permanent basis shall be required to complete a Residency Affidavit form. 

Who must be Present to complete Residency Affidavit?
Both the homeowner/ resident and the parent/legal guardian of the student(s) must be present to complete the Residence Affidavit form that is notarized by a YPS Enrollment Specialist. Forms for all grades PreK - 12th are completed at the Yukon Schools Enrollment Center, located in the 6th Grade Academy Building at 1000 Yukon Ave., Yukon, OK 73099.  

Acceptable Use of Residency Affidavit
Both the student and the custodial parent/legal guardian must physically reside full-time with the YPS resident. The living arrangements are to be of necessity, and not to avoid school attendance within the district where the student would otherwise be required to attend. Please contact your school for information on additional residency verification required after initial enrollment.

The following documents must be presented by the YPS Resident: 

  • Two different current proofs of residence.
    • i.e. gas, electric or water/sewer billing. If bills are paid online, a computer printout showing these transactions will be acceptable. 
    • one of the following - a lease agreement, contract on the home, warranty deed statement, ad valorem tax statement or mortgage statement.  A letter from the landlord or management company may be required.
  • A driver's license or other photo ID.

Notice of Legality & Falsification of Residency Penalty by Canadian County Sheriff's Office:
The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise all parents, guardians, and Yukon School District residents of the Oklahoma State Statute on determining a child’s residence. Yukon Public Schools requires residency verification each school year for all returning residents and all students enrolled under a Residency Affidavit.  Charges will be filed with the Canadian County District Attorney’s Office if it is found that any party completing any residency paperwork, or a residency affidavit, for the Yukon Public School District has falsified any of the required paperwork.  Please read the statute below: 

Title 70 O.S. § 1-113 A. 1. Determination of Child’s Residence

(OSCN 2015)

A. When used in this section, the residence of any child for school purposes shall be:

  1. The school district in which the parents, guardian, or person having legal custody holds legal residence. Each school district board of education shall adopt a policy establishing the requirements for student residency for that district which provides for residence as described in this paragraph. Within the discretion of each school district's board of education, the policy may but is not required to allow for establishment of residency by affidavit when an adult, whether a relative or not, who does not fall within one of the categories listed above, who holds legal residence in the school district, and who has assumed permanent care and custody of the child files an affidavit with the school district attesting that they have assumed custody and the reasons for assuming custody. Any policy allowing the establishment of residency by affidavit shall require the adult who provides the affidavit to affirm in such affidavit that the custody arrangement is permanent and that the adult contributes the major degree of support to the child. If the school district policy allows establishment of residency by affidavit, any person who willfully makes a statement in the affidavit which the person knows to be false shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one (1) year or a fine of not more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) or both such fine and imprisonment. Each school district shall include in its policy on residency any documentation necessary for the administration of the policy.