Pre-K Placement 22/23 School Year

To find the results of your Pre-K application for the 2022-2023 school year, please enter your reference number provided to you by email and at at the time of submission of your Pre-K Application. Pre-K placement is prioritized to the home school based on zoning and when slots are full your preferences are reviewed and you are placed if availability exists at one of your preferred schools. Please note that we have had our highest applications submitted since offering the Pre-K Program so all available spots have been placed at this time.

Please enter the reference number from your email sent to you at the time you submitted your application in the search field below:
Enrollment Instructions:
All Pre-K enrollment will be completed online. Please check the placement results above by entering your reference number provided at the time you submitted your pre-k application and review the enrollment instructions and required documentation sections to the right (below on a mobile device) if you have been assigned a school assignment.