Pre-K Lottery Results 20/21 School Year

Below you find the results of our Pre-K Lottery Drawing listed by school. You may search this page by clicking on a school below and then using ctrl-f (Windows device) or cmd-f (Apple device). If you do not see your reference/confirmation# under your home or primary school chosen, please check your additional secondary choice(s) chosen on your Pre-K application. If your reference number is not listed under any school, you have automatically been placed on the wait-list. Please note that we have had our highest applications submitted since offering the Pre-K Program so all available spots have been placed at this time.

If your reference/confirmation number is shown below, please follow the Enrollment Information and instructions at the bottom of this page.
Enrollment Instructions:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our facilities are shut-down and we are working via remote operations. All Pre-K enrollment will be completed online. Please check the lottery results by school above and review the enrollment instructions and required documentation sections to the right (below on a mobile device) if your reference number is displayed on this site.