Reading Sufficiency Act

The Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) was passed by the Oklahoma State legislature to support children in Kindergarten through third grade. The intent of this legislation was to ensure that all students are reading on grade level at the end of third grade.

2015-2016 RSA Updates

  • Screening instrument must be administered to all K-3rd graders, at the beginning and end of each year. However, it is recommended that the screening instrument is administered a minimum of three times a year. At least one instrument must include phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Yukon uses the STAR Reading and Literacy First Battery of Assessments as our screening instruments.
  • Any 1st or 2nd grader not reading at grade level as determined by a screening instrument is entitled to "individualized" remediation.
  • A student Reading Proficiency Team (SRPT) develops a plan for "individualized" remediation. This team includes a parent/guardian, the current teacher responsible for reading, the future teacher responsible for reading and a reading specialist if available.
  • Any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-grade student reading at the 3rd-grade level is exempt from retention. This is determined by the STAR screening instrument.

2016-2017 RSA Updates

  • 3rd-grade students scoring below PROFICIENT on the OCCT are evaluated for "probationary promotion" by the Student Reading Proficiency Team (SRPT)

Retention Decisions

  • Students are retained in 3rd grade if:
    • Not reading at 3rd grade level on screening instrument, and
    • Not proficient through evidence in a student portfolio, and
    • Not subject to good cause exemption, and
    • Not scoring above unsatisfactory (2015-2016), or proficient (2016-2017) on OCCT, and
    • Not granted "probationary promotion" by SRPT.

Helpful Links:

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