Speech & Debate

The Competitive Speech and Debate program at Yukon High School is committed to achieving excellence in all areas of life and competition. Taking great pride in our commitment to team and community. The program and courses offer a variety of ways for students to be empowered, creative, and expressive. In Competitive Drama, students will learn about various events such as Monologue, Dramatic or Humorous Duet, and the Interpretation of Prose and Poetry. In Competitive Debate, we learn the theory and strategy of argumentation. Through this students will gain the knowledge and tools they need to craft not only their debate cases, but also to help them advocate for themselves after graduation from Yukon High School. Our team specifically competes in Lincoln-Douglas (philosophy based) and Public Forum (fact based) styles of Debate. We take these and several other events to local, state, and national tournaments. Additionally, students in the class will become part of our honor society. The National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) is an honor society for Students who have competed in Speech and Debate events. While they offer numerous benefits to students, the NSDA does offer scholarships to students for their tournament success. More information can be found at SpeechandDebate.org.

Download the Speech and Debate tournament schedule HERE.