Ranchwood Elementary
607 Annawood Dr.
Yukon, OK 73099
405 354-6616

The Ranchwood Elementary School family welcomes you to Yukon! Our school is nestled in the center of the Ranchwood Hills subdivision located north of Route 66 between Highway 4 and Mustang Road. The school was built in 1971 and is currently a Pre K - 3 school of approximately 415 students.

The word in our building is "relationship." The dedicated professionals and staff in our school recognize that healthy relationships are foundational to academic and social success and strive to develop nurturing, positive, and productive relationships with students, parents, the community, and fellow faculty and staff.

We have many great programs and enjoy much academic success. If you are in the neighborhood, we would love to meet you and share our good news!

Kristin Kilpatrick
Suzy Biggs
Joanne Steward

School Directories 
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