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2015-2016 Lakeview School Supply List

The staff at Lakeview is committed to providing the Five Star education that all of Yukon Schools strive to achieve for our students.  Our staff will utilize challenging, engaging, and creative lessons that effectively meet the various needs of each individual student and help each child master the Oklahoma Academic Standards. 

At Lakeview we expect our students to do their very best to achieve personal success in all subjects.  In addition, our students are expected to always demonstrate the ability to be ready, respectful, and responsible; three traits that exemplify good citizenship. We believe that our 4th and 5th grade center provides a solid stepping stone between the foundation of the primary school and the challenges and independence of middle school.



Scott Hein, Principal
Elementary School
872 S. Yukon Pkwy, Yukon, OK 73099
(405) 265-1342

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