EOI Testing Schedule
tests mandated by the State Department of Education.  

 * Students must be in the testing rooms for the entire time allotted for the test.  
 * Please PLAN AHEAD - check dates/times against medical/dental & other appointments and reschedule appointments as there are a limited options for making up tests and students cannot be called out of a test to check out for an appointment.  
 * Lunch times may have to be adjusted to align with testing times.

 * If needing Library services during EOI and Career Tech testing, you will need to come mornings before testing setup, or after testing cleanup when the glass door is propped open.  
 *To return your books during testing sessions, please use the Book Return box which will be in the hallway outside our wooden door just south of the main glass doors.

April 16th  8:35-11:30* updated 4/16
Agee 2nd, 3rd & 4th hour
Roberts 2nd, 3rd & 4th 

April 16th 11:35-2:35 * updated 4/16
Ritter 6th hour
Oustecky 6th & 7th hour
Rippetoe 7th hour
Roberts 1st & 6th

April 17th 8:35-11:30
Ritter 2nd, 3rd, & 4th 
Boyd 4th
Mueller 4th

April 17th 11:35-2:35
Boyd 1st
Mueller 1st
Agee 6th

US History
April 21st 8:35-11:30
Block's 1st, Block's 2nd and Block's 4th
Edmond's 2nd, 4th & 7th
Gilliland's 7th

April 21st 11:35-2:35
Jewell 6th
Haines 4th & 5th
Detrick 4th, 5th, & 6th

April 22nd 8:35-11:30
Haines 2nd & 3rd
Detrick 1st & 2nd

April 22nd 11:35-2:35
Block 5th & 6th
Edmonds 5th & 6th

April 25th 8:35-11:30
G Payne 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Williams 2nd, 3rd

April 25th 11:35-2:35
Kristy Meyer 5th,6th, 7th
C Scott 5th & 6th

April 28th 8:35-11:30
Mowery 1st, 2nd
C Scott 2nd, 3rd
Kristy Meyer 2nd, 3rd

April 28th 11:35-2:35
Williams 1st, 5th, 6th
G Payne 5th, 6th
C Scott 1st

Algebra 2
April 29th 8:35-11:35
Rippetoe 2nd, 3rd
Webb 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Boyd 3rd

April 29th 11:45-2:35
Pounds 4th

April 30th 8:35-11:35
Hoke 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Rippetoe 4th
Pounds 2nd, 3rd

April 30th 11:45-2:35
Webb 6th
Hoke 6th
Rippetoe 6th
Boyd 6th
Webb 7th

Algebra 1
May 1st 8:35-10:35 & 12:40-2:35
Crumpler 2nd, 3rd
Ediger 1st, 4th
Lyons 2nd, 3rd
Aylworth 2nd, 7th
Mueller 2nd, 3rd

May 2nd 8:35-10:35 & 12:40-2:35
Crumpler 1st, 4th, 6th
Aylworth 3rd, 6th
Lyons 4th, 6th
Ediger 2nd
Mueller 6th

English 2
May 5th 8:35-10:35 & 12:35-2:35
R Patrick 3rd, 5th
Morris 1st & 4th
Green 5th
Laird 1st, 3rd
Brown 3rd, 5th, 6th, & 7th

May 6th 8:35-10:35 & 12:35-2:35
R Patricks 1st, 4th & 6th
Laird 4th & 5th, & 6th
Morris 6th
Green 3rd, 4th & 7th
Brown 4th


Juniors & Seniors...if you plan to bring an underclassman (9th or 10th grader) or an outside guest to Prom, you must turn in an Activity Guest Clearance Form.  You may get the form in the Main Office or S142 (Mrs. Lapalio's room) and these NEED to be turned in no later than Thursday April 17th!

Seniors...April and May Senior 2014 Activity Calendars have been posted on the Senior Activities page  as well as the Graduation Contract.  

Now is the time to purchase The Miller Yearbook for $75.  Bring cash or checks payable to YHS Journalism and bring to S105.  

Students need to carry their YHS ID cards with them at all times and must show IDs in the Cafeteria when making purchases.  If you don't have a school ID, please see Mrs. Choate in the Counselor's Office.  Replacement IDs are $5. 

Only Academic Tutors are allowed to visit the Elementary and/or Middle School during school hours.


2nd Semester Exemption Policy

**Please note Seniors have a separate policy.**

9th-­11th grade Students

Students may exempt a semester test if they have...

● An “A” in the course and no more than three absences in that course.

● A “B” in the course and no more than two absences in that course.

12th grade Students

Students may exempt a semester test if they have...

● A “C” or better grade average in the course.

● No more than three absences in the course (for the semester 1/6/14-5/13/14)

● Three (3) tardies equal one (1) absence.

● No ISI or OSS for any class.

● No outstanding financial obligations, including textbooks, to Yukon Public Schools.

Additional Exemptions (2nd semester: 9th-12th grade Students)

  • A student can earn an exemption for the ACE course by achieving a raw score of 75% or higher on the ACE exam for that specific course.

  • An AP student can be exempt from their AP course semester test, if the student takes the AP exam for that course.

All high school students are required to take comprehensive semester tests each semester of the school year unless exempt.  Semester tests will count 20% of the semester grade.

● If a student has been assigned OSS, they will not be exempt from any semester tests, with the exception of those earned by passing their ACE exams.

● If a student has been assigned ISI, the absences count as absences for the class.

● No student will be allowed to take a test prior to the scheduled time and day.  In extenuating circumstances, make­up tests may be taken after the time and day of the scheduled test.

● When calculating absences, three (3) tardies shall equal one absence.


Counselor's Office Announcements...

Seniors...The Valedictorian list and 4.0 list have been posted outside the Counseling Office and in the Senior English hallway.  Jostens will deliver the appropriate color gown for all of you.  You do NOT need to do anything.  Congratulations! 

Enrollment slide shows, Course Description Guide for 2014-15 and other enrollment information can be found on the Enrollment for Next Year page

YHS Alumni Scholarship Applications, Shelter Insurance Scholarship Applications, JaniKing Scholarship and many others are now available in the Counselor's office.

If you need to take the 8th grade reading proficiency test, click here to register for your spot at the May 22nd test at 4pm in room S103.  

Juniors...if neither of you parents nor grandparents attended college, you are eligible for the Oklahoma City Community Foundation New Opportunities Scholarship.  More info available in the Counseling Office.

​If you are looking for an educational summer camp, we have a few options listed on our Summer Camps page.  Check back often as we will add more as we get closer to Spring.   

If you missed the College 101 Presentation during Parent/Teacher Conferences, don't worry, you can view it by clicking on the links below.  Tons of useful information for parents and students about applying for college and financial aid.  Check it out!

Part 1 - College 101
Part 2 - College 101

Attendance Office Announcements...

Parents, if your student is sick or needs to check out...please call the Attendance Office at 354-6692, select option 1.

Students MUST sign out in the attendance office when they have been given parental permission to check out from class.  If they do not sign out in attendance, the student may be considered truant for the class periods missed.

Stay Connected to YHS and Yukon Public School announcements 

We use the School Connect app to keep you involved in what is going on at our school.  Download the School Connect app today!  School Connect is available for Apple, Android, and any other device with the ability to access the internet.  Be sure to turn on push messages for our school!  Check out the School Connect website (www.schoolconnectservices.com) for more information.  

Parent Portal is also a good way to stay informed.  If you haven't already picked up your login and password from the YHS Main Office, you may do so during school hours.  Be sure to bring your photo ID for verification.

Follow Yukon High School on Twitter at https://twitter.com/YukonHighSchool  or get the YHS twitter feed by text; just type "follow yukonhighschool" to 40404 

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Yukon, Oklahoma 73099
Phone: (405) 354-6692
Fax:  (405) 354-8411
email melissa.barlow@yukonps.com

Counselor's Office:  (405) 354-8580
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Yukon High School will empower the students of today, 
so they will inspire the world of tomorrow.

Upcoming Events

4/16 & 4/17
Geometry EOI 
see center section 
for more info

Physics meeting

Buy your yearbook now 
for only $75
Distribution is 5/9
but they may be sold out
if not they will cost $85

Girls Golf 
Pre-Regional Edmond Santa Fe

AP Exam Pre-Registration meeting
YHS Cafeteria

Student Athletic Training Aide
applications due 
Return all documents to main office

Girls Tennis 
Edmond North Tournament

New group The Rising meets
both lunches
purpose grow together in the Word
Mrs. Crabtree's room S144 for 1st lunch
Mrs. Williams' lab room N243 for 2nd lunch
Bring your own lunch

Outside Guest Form for Prom
due to Ms. Lapalio 
also a form needs to be turned
in if a Junior/Senior will be taking
a 9th/10th grade YHS student as
a guest.

JV White Baseball vs Bethany

4/17 - 4/19
Deer Creek/Yukon Varsity Baseball


Seniors submit 2 pictures
to the senior email or English teacher

Varsity Boys Golf Conference
@ Lincoln

Varsity/JV Track
Yukon Classic @ Home

Boys & Girls Tennis
Metro Conference Tournament

JV Red Baseball @ Norman
JV White Baeball @ Edmond

Mandatory Parent Meeting
for all students interested in 
Swimming Team for 2014-15
YHS Auxiliary Gym

Project Graduation Potato Bar 
Masonic Lodge

Project Graduation E-recycle Event
Discovery Church Parking Lot
bring your old electronics to be recycled

Red Dirt Summer Baseball League tryouts
YHS Baseball Field & Indoor Facility
Tryouts open to 6th - 11th graders
Bring your own gear
Questions see Coach James 

First National Building, OKC

Yearbook distribution
Main Gym 2nd floor
after pick up go to Main Gym
to sign yearbooks
Seniors to gym 12:35
Juniors to gym 1:00
Sophomores to gym 1:35
Freshmen to gym 2:00
Signing until 2:35

Looking for info on
what your student 
should be learning
Common Core

Click here for Math

Click here for English/Language Arts

Mr. Brian Payne - Yukon High School Teacher of the Year 2013-14

Ms. Karen Evans - Oklahoma Science Teachers Association Secondary Science Teacher of the Year

Ms. Misty Williams- Yukon Foundation of Excellence Grant Winner
Ms. Tracy McKeown -  Yukon Foundation of Excellence Grant Winner 
Ms. Christina Ward -  Yukon Foundation of Excellence Grant Winner 
Ms. Linda Bowling -  Yukon Foundation of Excellence Grant Winner 
Mr. Tony Mashaw -  Yukon Foundation of Excellence Grant Winner 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK(8255) | suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide - http://www.sptsusa.org/