Child Nutrition


Our goal at Child Nutrition is to have the priviledge of serving your children with the most nutritious meals at a reasonable price and follow all USDA guidelines. With national attention being focused on child obesity and diabetes, we are working towards healthier meals offering more fruits and vegetables. We have taken fryers out of the elementary schools and everything is now baked. We are continuously looking for new products so students of all ages can be introduced to healthier foods. The Child Nutrition department contributes the following elements to the “Excellence of Education” in Yukon Public Schools: 

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Lynda Dobson
Yukon Public Schools Child Nutrition  
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Emily Forte
Director, Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC

Jessica Callaway
Assistant Director, Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC


School Menus

February 2015
Breakfast (K-8th grades)
Breakfast (9th-12th grades)
Lunch (K-5th grades)
Lunch (6th-8th grades)
Lunch (9th-12th grades)

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